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Where You're At
You're visiting this site now -- this is a spin-off from my commercial site.

The One That Started
This was where it all began. Originally called "The Hauntings", the name of the site is now "Frightbytes" and is a series of Halloween "choose-your-own-adventure" stories. It's received a great deal of attention since it went online in 1998 and has been written up in newspapers, mentioned on radio and highlighted at some high profile websites. The Department of Education even approves of it!

Future Spooky will hopefully become a very well known horror/sci-fi graphics gallery. Dark and disturbing art is what my visitors can expect to find here.

BannerzRus is one of the biggest graphic sites on the internet today with thousands of graphics. We have many categories to choose from: animation, backgrounds, banners, award blanks, button sets, avatars, graphic sets, splash pages, image maps and more.

The Artgekko CollectionThe Era of Artgekko
A real blast from the past in every sense of the word. The good old days may be just memories now but all of my original sites are still floating out there. This is a listing of all my sites. If you don't mind all the ads the hosts put on the pages now you might enjoy visiting and maybe you'll find some graphics you would like to use on your webpages.