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Terms of Service (TOS)

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Also known as Terms of Use. I do not offer "free" graphics. Some sections of are "link-ware" which means the graphic can be used in exchange for a link back to this site.

Other areas of this site are strictly "donation-ware" which means both personal and commercial users are asked to make a donation if wishing to use my graphics.

The minimum donation for personal, non-profit use is $5.
The minimum donation for commercial, for profit use is $10.

If you wish to use more than 3 of my "donation-ware" graphics please contact me. Donations can be made via Pay Pal, or some other method of payment can be arranged.

I feel this is the fairest way to continue to be able to provide my graphics to the community and to offset my costs to maintain and update my site.

Areas of this site in which a donation is required for graphic usage:

1. Fractal Websets
2. Fractal Art

Areas of this site that are "link-ware" (you must provide a link back to this site):

1. Fractal Banners
2. Fractal Buttons
3. Fractal Borders

Direct linking is not allowed. You must download the graphic to your own computer and then upload it to your own website host server. Direct linking is considered "Bandwidth Theft" and severely impacts the site hosting the image. Many of the once popular graphic sites have been forced to shut down because of this practice. So please do not do this.

My graphics may not be placed in any collections. No part of my graphics may be used for "tubes". My graphics may not be resold. You may purchase my graphics for exclusive use.

Please do not remove or alter my copyright information from the graphic.

Thank you for respecting the copyrights of artists and others.